MDownes Earthworks continues to work with Anesco Ltd

Preparing for the Solar Farms

MDownes Earthworks have prepared the groundworks, created roads and completed landscaping for many solar farms managed by Anesco Ltd across the UK. Anesco Ltd is one of the UK’s fastest growing private companies, bringing the latest technologies to improve energy usage, saving money, and to overall reduce the world’s carbon emissions.

Anesco’s solar farms cover areas of land and generate enough renewable energy to power thousands of homes annually, while saving on tonnes of carbon per year.

Many are constructed on former landfill sites, meaning it falls strongly in line with Government policy to regenerate brownfield sites. They are constructed using specialist ballast that means the installation has not involved any drilling into the ground where gases from the landfill may be trapped.

MDownes Earthworks role on these sites is to move in first to set up the site, creating temporary and permanent access roads, levelling surfaces, trenching for cables and drainage and laying concrete foundations for the transformers. They also provide clients with ‘site welfare’ –  generators, fuel bowsers, water tanks and 4×4 off-road utility vehicles to provide essential facilities for temporary set ups.

While the installation is being worked on, they also offer advisory and problem solving services. The same high quality service is available for smaller solar farm projects also.

The main priority by MDownes Earthworks is to ensure that all work carried out is to the exact specifications on the plans and that deadlines are met whilst continuing to work to a high quality standard at all times. Policies have to be adhered to in accordance with the local councils.

Resident Feedback

“The team have done a very nice job of the road. We are all a bit quick to complain sometimes and not quick enough to give thanks and praise where it’s due. The company has behaved impeccably throughout and on top of all they have done for us in doing the road, they even fitted bat and owl boxes for the local wildlife.”

Latest Project – Cutting Edge Battery Storage Solutions

MDownes Earthworks are continuing to work with Anesco on laying foundations and erecting the latest Battery Barns. The batteries being housed in the barns have the ability to store energy that is generated from a renewable source, this can be a valuable resource for any power system, making it an even more efficient way to use energy.

A battery storage system can store the energy produced by a solar, wind or hydro system. This has many advantages including providing an independent and uninterrupted power supply that will remain even if the grid supply fails. It enables sites to maximise the savings from on-site generation by using ‘free’ electricity stored in the battery rather than from the grid.

Of course this means that the batteries need to sit on well drained, dry foundations and within a Barn structure with suitable ventilation, which Is where MDownes are able to assist.

Scott Hofgartner, Operations Manager, Anesco Limited states that “Anesco have been working with MDownes Earthworks for a few years now, they have always delivered a quality service. My team and MDownes ensure that there is good communication throughout each stage of a project, which is extremely important as things can change drastically on a daily basis due to the nature of the work. Martin is always on hand to give advice and recommendation in relation to his side of the work. We look forward to continuing to work with MDownes in the future”.

If you wish to get in touch with MDownes Earthworks regarding any of our work please call 01829 771 939.

If you would like to know more information about Anesco you can visit

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